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Two's Class News

Welcome to February! This month we are going to experiment with indoor snow, review colors and shapes, fingerpaint and introduce first initials. February is National Children’s Dental Health month and we will be visited by a dentist to talk about caring for our teeth.

Themes: Groundhog’s Day

Valentine’s Day


Dental Hygiene

Shape: Heart

Color: Pink

Songs: Skinnamarink, Three Little Pigs, Cookies in a Bakery Shop, Days of the Week, Old MacDonald, Where is Thumbkin?

Important Dates:

February 7th and 25th: Librarian visit

February 11th and 14th: Dentist Visit

February 13th and 14th: Valentine’s Pajama Party (Students only. Please wear your pajamas and bring in a favorite stuffed animal) If you would like to send your child in with valentines for their friends (optional) the MWF class has 2 students and T/TH class has 6 students.

February 17th and 18th: Closed for President’s Weekend

February 19th, 20th and 21st: CEC is OPEN

February 20th and 21st: Yoga


Conferences are the week of February 3rd. There is a sign-up sheet by the door.

Weather permitting, we will use the playground. Please dress your child accordingly.

Please check backpacks for crafts, newsletters, diapers, wipes, etc.

Ms. Marie and Ms. Lisa

Three’s Class Newsletter

Themes Ground Hog Day

Valentine's Day

President’s Day

Dental Hygiene

New Concept Shadows

Letters of the Month N, O and P

Favorite Books Groundhog Day

Who will see his shadow this year?

The Magic School Bus Sleeps for the winter

A visit to the post office

Mouse’s First Valentine

Something Special

Librarian Visit February 7th & 25th

Yoga February 20th & 21st

Dentist Visit February 11th and February 14th

Valentine Party Days February 13th and February 14th

School Closed February 17th & Feb. 18th

Rare Disease Day February 28th

Mark your calendars for our Family Fun Night- March 7th!

January was cold! Our theme focused on animals in winter. First, we began with the concept of winter and then moved on to what animals do in the winter. Our circle time discussions concentrated on changes in the winter weather, whether animals hibernate, or remain outdoors in the winter. They pretended to be bears hibernating and made many pictures of animals in their winter habitats. They also learned about Martin Luther King and discussed how they could resolve conflicts better by using their words.

As the new month begins, we will talk about the legend of the groundhog and try to predict the weather: will spring come early or will we have six more weeks of winter. Since February is National Children’s Dental Health month, we will have a special visitor coming to the school to talk to the children about their dental hygiene. Soon it will be fun to celebrate Valentine’s Day with all our friends. We will learn how the post office works, what happens to a letter when we mail it, and pretend to be the mail person. We will continue to focus on recognizing our names, shapes, and counting small groups of objects. At the end of the month, we will discuss a little about our history and our presidents.

Parent-Teacher Conferences- If you would like to meet to discuss your child’s progress, please sign up for an appointment.

Valentine's Day Party- February 13th and 14th

The children will celebrate with their friends in school. We would appreciate it if you would send in one Valentine card for each student, but do not put the recipient’s name on it, just sign the cards from your child. If your child comes to school 3 days a week please send in 19 valentines for their friends. If your child comes to school 2 days a week, please send in 8 valentines for their friends. If your child comes to school 5 days a week, please send in 22 valentines for their friends. Again, have your child sign the cards with his or her name only. Thanks!

We are collecting empty cereal boxes. If you have any please send them in with your child!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Ms. Joanne, Ms. Diane, Ms. Laura and Ms. Krystyna

UPK / 4's 

NO SCHOOL – Mid-Winter

Monday, February, 17

Tuesday, February 18

Fri., Feb 7th - Librarian

Tue., Feb 11th-Dentist Visit

Fri., Feb 14th – Valentine’s Day

(100 days of School too!!)

**On this day the afternoon class will come during the morning session only. There will be no afternoon session. An email with details will be sent shortly.

Thur., Feb. 20th - Yoga

Fri., Feb. 28th – Rare Disease Day

Winter has been chilly! We are hoping for some snow so that we can observe what happens to the snow and ice when it gets warm. Maybe we can even build some mini-snowmen in our classroom! We learned about winter animals that hibernate and discovered the animals in the north and south poles (polar bears & penguins!) We are practicing our listening skills for rhyming words that sound the same in our stories. We are excited to celebrate 100 days this month so we have been reviewing numbers and counting up to 100!!

Themes: Ground Hog Day, Valentine’s Day, President’s Day,

Dental Health, Fairy Tales

Literacy: We continue to review our letters and sounds by matching objects to letters during circle time. We will be reading many fairy tales this month and discussing the “moral” of the stories. Be sure to ask your children about what we read during circle time each day.

Math: sequencing, patterns, number recognition and writing

Science: Dental Health, Balls, Magnets

Social Studies: President’s Day

We will be transforming the Dramatic Play area into a “Post Office”. If you have any notepads, envelopes, stationary, stickers, labels, etc. that you would like to donate to the class we would appreciate any additions to our center so that the children can pretend to work in the post office, deliver the mail, write letters, and have fun!

CEC Memory Book

Please send pictures from any class or school activities to [email protected]

Label the subject “UPK” and if you know the names of the children in the pictures, that is helpful too!

Class Take Home Books
Please be sure to keep an eye out for our new class book “Buddy Bear Bag”!

Valentine’s Day Celebration Friday, February 14th

Love is in the air! We will celebrate the day in class for the children only. Please send in one valentine card for each child in the class (AM or PM. You do not need to send in for both). A list of names will be sent home. Be sure to write each child’s name on the envelope. The children are beginning to recognize and read their friends names so “mailing” their valentine’s is a fun reading activity. Please send valentine’s before Monday,February 10th. If you would like to send in a special snack for the class on Valentine’s Day, please let us know before Feb. 10th

*** If anyone in our class has a sibling that would like to come in and read to the children on their days off during the February Break (2/19, 2/20,2/21), either at the start of our day or the end of our day, please let me know. We love having alumni and siblings talk about their kindergarten and elementary school experiences!


When working on activities at school we often make notes on your child’s work to let you know how their skills may be improving and areas in which they may be having a difficult time. If you would like additional ideas or activities to practice at home please let me know.

The UPK conferences were held in the fall, but if you would like to discuss how your child is doing before Kindergarten screening, which comes up in May, please feel free to let me know and we can arrange a convenient time to meet and discuss your child.

For the safety of all of the children and teachers, please do not send your child to school if you feel they are beginning to come down with something, have been sick or still recovering from an illness. If they have had a fever it is important to keep them home after being “fever free” without medication for at least 24 hours.

Please send your child to school in sneakers. It is easier for them to move around the classroom and run around the playground (weather permitting). Snow boots are not necessary, yet please dress your child with proper clothing in case we do go outside to play Make sure names are on all jackets, hats, etc.

Thank you!

Ms. Maureen

Ms. Bethann & Ms. Diane