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Class Newsletters

2’s May News

Themes: Spring, flowers, rainbows, seeds and plants, caterpillars and butterflies, Mother’s Day

Shape: review all

Color: review all

Songs: 5 Little Speckled Frogs

Mr. Sun

I Plant a Seed

Rabbit Foo Foo

Cookies in a Bakery Shop

Dates to Remember: 5/3 – Librarian visit

5/7 – General Meeting followed by the Art Show

5/27 – Memorial Day (school closed)

5/31 – Field Day (details to follow)


  • For the health of all of the children and teachers, please do not send your child to school if they are sick.

  • As the weather gets warmer, please be sure to dress your child with the proper clothing (socks and sneakers) and sunscreen for outside play.

  • Please replenish diapers and wipes if needed.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Ms. Marie, Ms. Lisa and Ms. Jill

3's May Newsletter

A peek at the month

Themes Plants

Spring Animals

Mother's Day

Memorial Day


Letters of the month Y and Z

Art Show and 3rd General Meeting – May 7th

School Closed May 27th

Favorite Books The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Is your Mama a Lama?

Fish is Fish

Toads, Frogs, and tadpoles too.

Make way for Ducklings

Field Day Friday May 31st

Please mark your calendars; all students are invited to the school on this day! We have some special activities planned for your children. (You do not have to stay for our field day)

Field day will take place rain or shine!

Spring has finally arrived, if the weather cooperates, we are planning to have the children walked around our school and cleaned up their environment. We want them to see the litter people left on the property and make a promise to throw their garbage out where it belongs.

This month we will be observing real caterpillars going through their stages of development. Our stories, projects and discussions will focus on the changes they recognize each week. It is truly an amazing metamorphosis for the children to observe!

At the end of the month our children will learn how to plant vegetable seeds and flower seeds in gardens and then they will get a chance to plant their own seeds. They will learn about the vital role plants play in our life and the essential components that make them grow.

Please remember to send your child to school every day prepared to play outside. Light Jacket, Sneakers, Sunscreen. Thanks!

Happy Spring!

UPK May Newsletter

With the coming of Spring we have been learning about the new life of animals and plants around us. The rain has given us the opportunity to learn about the water cycle and how important it is to us and the earth. We also had the opportunity to experience using our senses through the world around us.

We are playing outdoors and observing the world around us. The Science/Discovery Center will be filled with exploration of seeds and plants and learning about what happens outside. We will start by growing grass and will move on to beans and flowers and create our own gardens! We will also explore the life cycle of butterflies and other insects. We will have the opportunity to observe how they change with our own class butterfly garden.

Our alphabet study is almost finished with a few letters remaining. We continue to play games and practice our counting skills and number recognition.

Themes: Spring, Insect Life Cycle, Seeds

Literacy- Author Study – Eric Carle, Leo Lionni


Tuesday, May 7th - Please join us for our CEC Art Show. The children have worked very hard on a few special pieces that we will have on display for parents to get together and enjoy a viewing of your child’s precious pieces. The evening will begin with CEC’s last General Meeting at 7:30 pm (all are invited to attend) and the Art Show will follow at 7:45 pm.

Wednesday, May 15th – Yoga

Friday, May 31st - Field Day – All UPK classes, both morning and afternoon will come to school in the morning session on this day from 9:05-11:35. There will be no afternoon class on this day.

Please arrive on time so that we can begin our fun-filled day! Please be sure to apply sunscreen. We will be playing games and fun activities outside (weather permitting). Animal Encounters will be visiting the school to share an animal experience with the children too!

No School: Monday, May 27th – Memorial Day

Friday, June 14th – UPK Graduation begins at 9:05am All students and families are invited.


  • With only two months left of school, please try to arrive on time. The children transition much better when they are all coming in and talking to one another at the same time. This is great practice for preparing them to be ready for the school bus next year!

  • Please check your child’s backpack each day. This is a perfect opportunity to look at their artwork, ask questions and allow time for them to talk about what they are doing in school.

Safety Issues:

  • When walking with your child to and from the parking lot, please encourage your child to walk along with you on the sidewalks. At times the driveway and parking lot are very busy and we would like the children to stay safe.

  • Please do not allow your child to run alone down to the grass by the parking lot as you leave the school.


  • Sneakers – Children run, play and jump more easily when wearing socks and sneakers to school rather than crocs, sandals, or flip-flops.

  • Sunscreen – We will be spending more time outside, please apply sunscreen to your child before sending to school.

  • Please remember to ask your child if they need to go to the bathroom before leaving to come to school. Many times the children need to go to the bathroom as soon as they come in. This makes it difficult to transition from one activity to the next at school.

Things to do at home

As Kindergarten screening is coming up, here are some things to help your child to relax and feel comfortable about going to kindergarten.

  • Prepare your child by talking about the new school they will be going to. Remind them of how they felt upon coming to CEC in September. Many children didn’t know anyone in class...look at all of the new friends we have!

  • When driving past their new school, point it out to them so they are familiar with what it looks like, how much fun the playground looks, etc.

  • Keep upbeat and tell them how exciting it will be.

  • Remind them that learning is fun and Kindergarten is an exciting adventure where they will learn how to read, write, make new friends & have fun!