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Two's Class News

Welcome to 2020! We hope you had a wonderful holiday. We are almost half way through the school year; the children have grown so much and we are looking forward to the upcoming months.

Winter weather is upon us. We will be reading stories about winter. We will learn about penguins and polar bears and what these animals do in the cold weather. We will talk about changes in the weather and create snowman crafts. We continue to bingo dot, color, use play-dough, work with puzzles, and role play in the kitchen and doll house. We dance and sing in music and are lengthening our attention span during story time. The children are making progress standing in line, sharing, following one step directions, and waiting in turn patiently.

Themes: Winter


Polar bears, snowmen, penguins

Color: White

Shape: Rectangle

Songs: 3 Little Pigs, 5 Little Monkeys, Skinnamarink, Goldfish Song (Laurie Berkner), Jack in the Box, I’m A Little Penguin

Dates to Remember: January 7th – Second General Meeting (7:30 pm) – registration for 2020-2021

January 10th and January 21st – Librarian visit

January 20st – School Closed (MLK)

January 22nd & 23rd – Yoga

We will continue to go outside, weather permitting. Please dress your child accordingly. The 2-year-olds have conferences in early February. At the end of the month there will be a conference sign-up sheet by the door. A reminder email will be sent home.

Happy New Year!

Ms. Marie and Ms. Lisa

Three’s Class Newsletter

Themes Happy New Year!


Martin Luther King Day

Letters of the Month J, K, L and M

Color White

Shape Rectangle

Favorite books Animals in winter

The Jacket I Wear In the Snow

The Mitten

I have a Dream

2nd General Meeting is on Tuesday, January 7th at 7:30pm

School Closed January 20th

Librarian January 10th & 21st

Yoga January 22nd and 23rd

Happy New Year! We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! Last month, we were very busy discussing the different holiday holidays and then we celebrated the holiday together singing songs and making a special project. It was so nice to see so many of you! This month we will celebrate the New Year, and discuss seasonal changes. We will paint, read stories and talk about topics pertaining to winter; snow, ice, winter clothing and how different animals adapt to the winter weather. (This would be a good time to change the clothes in your child’s backpack and replace them with a warmer change of clothes.) We will also learn about Martin Luther King. The children will learn about his life, discuss how each one of us is different and how those differences make each one of us so special.

Evaluations February 5th- February 7th

You are invited to come in the first week of February for a conference to discuss your child’s progress. Conferences will be scheduled every 20 minutes between 9:20- 11:00 AM. A signup sheet will be posted on the bulletin board in the hallway towards the end of this month; choose a time that is convenient for you. If you would prefer a telephone conference, please let me know.


Flu season is here! If your child says he/she is not feeling well, please keep them home.

Please remember to send your child in sneakers and ready to play outside, weather permitting we will go out on the playground whenever possible.

If you have taken pictures at the different school events, please email them to [email protected]

Thanks for sharing!

UPK / 4's 

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and wish all of our CEC families a healthy and happy new year. We are looking forward to learning all about our new season through stories, songs, experiments and art projects. As the children learn about hibernation we have many activities for them to pretend they are hibernating bears! We have already made our bears and put them away for winter and in the spring we will wake them up!

Hopefully, we will see some snow in January so that we can experience snow and ice through our observations and experiments this month.

Themes: Calendar, Winter Wonderland, Hibernating Animals, Penguins & Polar Bears

Literacy: We continue to review our letters and sounds by matching objects to letters during circle time.

Author Study, Jan Brett, re-telling a story

Math: sequencing, patterns, number recognition

Science: winter observations, hibernation, arctic animals

Social Studies: Martin Luther King Day

Upcoming Events

Tues., January 7th

2nd General Meeting @7:30pm

Fri., January 10th and

Tue, January 21st - Librarian

Monday, January 20th

NO SCHOOL – Martin Luther King Day Observed

January 22nd & 23rd Yoga


For the safety of all of the children and teachers, please do not send your child to school if you feel they are beginning to come down with something or if they are sick. If they have had a fever it is important to keep them home at least 24 hours after being “fever free” without medication.

Please send your child to school in sneakers. It is easier for them to move around the classroom and run around the playground (weather permitting). We will not be playing outside if there is snow on the ground so snow boots are not necessary.

As the weather continues to change, please be sure to dress your child with the proper clothing for outside play. (coats, hats, etc.) Also, make sure their name is on all jackets, hats, etc.

If you have not done so, please send in a change of clothing (winter clothes) to keep at the school.

Thank you!

Ms. Maureen

Ms. Bethann (MWF-AM & PM class),

Ms. Diane (T/TH-AM & PM class)